How Taking 15 Minutes on Google+ Now Can Make Worlds of Difference Later

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Oh, no!  Not another social network!  For some businesses, it’s a full-time effort just trying to manage their Facebook and Twitter pages.  And then along comes Google+.  Another place to make updates, with a whole new set of tools, and a different platform to learn.

Last week we told you why Google+ for Businesses Shouldn’t be Taken Lightly. The potential to raise your search rankings on the largest search engine in the world is enough to raise at least one eyebrow.  But if you are not ready to take the plunge into Google+, don’t fret.  You don’t have to fully integrate now.

What you do need to do is take 15 minutes to establish your presence on Google+.  If social media has taught us anything, it has taught us that it isn’t always obvious which social media platforms will be adopted, and which ones will be as short-lived as the 2011 ABC lineup.  You can save yourself a lot of time and energy later by establishing  your presence and claiming username on Google+ today.  Claiming your space on Google+ now will prevent others from establishing your business’s presence for you, pretending to be you, or infringing on your trademark (as was so often seen when early adopters claimed popular Twitter and Facebook trademarked names–aka “name squatters“–in the infancy of those networks).

Once you are set up on Google+, you can engage in the media at your leisure.  If you decide you are ready to begin integrating Google+ into your Social Media Plan, you can do so knowing that your presence is already established.

How to Create a Google+ Page in 15 Minutes

1. Go to the Google+ for Business Home Page.

2. Click on “Create your Google+ Page.”

3. Sign in using your Gmail account, or create one if you don’t already have one.

4. Determine the category your business fits into (Local Business, Product or Brand, Company, Institution or Organization).  If you choose a Local Business, be prepared to provide a phone number and address for Google to attempt to locate you.  For a Product, Brand, Company, or Organization, you can provide a URL for your website.

5. Add all the applicable information, accept the terms, and hit “Create.”

6. On the next screen, you can add a tagline and profile picture.

7. After completing your profile, you have the option to publicize the new Google+ page, or to add a Google+ badge (HTML code) to your website.  Do this only if you plan on integrating Google+ into your Social Media Marketing Plan immediately.  You can always add the badge later. Keep in mind this code will help you appear more prominently in Google search results pages, so don’t let this drop off of your to-do list.


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