How Social Consumers Make Purchase Decisions

Well known speaker and blogger Brian Solis wrote a detailed article about how consumers are being influenced by social media, then using social media to influence the buying decisions of others. It’s a great read and it will impact how your prospective clients will evaluate your business in the future.

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From online to offline to online again, social consumers are checking into businesses, fusing online and offline engagement and influencing behavior and decisions in the process.  These increasingly important acts of social exchanges are gaining in value and delivering benefits for both sides. As a result, social consumers now expect to be rewarded for their role in the socialization of your brand…and rightly so.

Social Currency Shapes Experiences and Decisions

Experiences shape experiences. In many ways, what we purchase is also symbolic of who we are and who we want to be. When we combine the allure of social media, it seems almost natural to share our purchases and experiences with friends who define our social graph online and in real life.

Not only are consumers broadcasting their location, but they’re now willingly sharing their purchases as well.

Creating a Persona Through Actions and Words

As brands become more social and in turn, as experiences are socialized, the ability to forge emotional connections is instrumental in cultivating community development, loyalty, and advocacy.

Everything starts with intentions. Brands must now define the pillars of character, mission, purpose, and persona in order to foster desired engagements and outcomes. No brand is an island and we must now build bridges in order to connect our value proposition to customers and the people who influence them. The socialization of commerce begins with recognition of the social consumer and an understanding of what inspires them. It’s then our responsibility to earn attention and establish relevance within their communities in order to also make them our own.



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