Mirror, mirror, on the Wall. Who’s the greatest Pinner of them all?

PinterestThere are two types of people in the world: those who pin, and those who do not.  Although, those who don’t pin are quickly becoming fewer.  According to PR Daily, Pinterest, “THE” new social network, currently has over 10 million users and a user retention and engagement rate three times higher than Twitter during the same stage of its infancy…and that number keeps growing.  So far in 2012, the Pinterest subscriber rate is up 145 percent, and there’s no indication that number will slow down any time soon.

But if you think these numbers are irrelevant to your business, you may want to think again. Business in the Home and Garden and Fashion industries are quickly taking note, and creating boards with tens of thousands of subscribers.


So, how do you know if Pinterest is something your customers will find Pinteresting for your business?  Here is our list of businesses that should consider engaging on Pinterest, and how to do it!


Five Businesses That Should Be Engaging On Pinterest, NOW!


1. Home Builders and Architects. 


Why Pinterest? The ability to create project boards has people scouring Pinterest for ideas for their dream home.  That makes it the perfect place for potential buyers to view ideas for building their dream home, and your designs should be in their mix!


How to Do It? Upload popular floor plans, finishing features, exterior and interior paint palettes, and examples of popular home designs such as Bungalows, Urban Condos, and Ranch-style homes. You can also add tips for the home-buying, home building, or lending process.


2. Anything Home and Garden.


Why Pinterest? Home and Garden magazines have already jumped on “board”, finding Pinterest the perfect place for customer and company to collaborate.


How to Do It? Upload handy tips, garden layouts, project ideas, and pictures of inspirational rooms.  This is the perfect place for customers to view your product offerings or be inspired by your ideas.  After all, isn’t this just a virtual clipboard of magazine clippings?


3.  Fashion and Style.


Why Pinterest? Everyone has their own style, but sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration among racks of clothes in a store.  Pinterest allows users to view style ideas and immediately make the connection between the look and your business.


How to Do It?  Put together style boards with fashion combinations such as seasonal looks, trendy colors, or mix-and-match pieces.  Users can use the board as inspiration, or a “wish list” of things to buy, and then continue on to your online store to purchase.  Other ideas? If you are a hair stylist, consider adding boards of popular hairstyles for short, long, curly, and straight hair to inspire new hair cuts and coloring jobs.  And don’t forget to add the “Pin It” button to your website for easy pinning.


4. Any Business Relating to Food and Wine.


Why Pinterest? How many times have you clipped a recipe thinking, “I want to make that” and it gets lost amongst the piles of recipe cards and clippings, never to be found again?  Problem solved.  With Pinterest, users can create boards from recipe ideas and cooking tips, and refer to them in one, neat virtual space.


How to Do It? Create boards of recipes or wines inspired by seasons, holidays, ingredients, or dietary needs.  Boards with cooking, canning, and preserving tips are also commonly pinned.


5.  Artists, Models, Sculptors, and Photographers.


Why Pinterest? The visual element to Pinterest makes it the perfect place to feature art and photography…for free.  Build your fan base and find new fans of your work by pinning some of your most popular pieces.  This will help grow your brand solely through the work you create and its connection with your audience.


How to Do It? Create boards of your work, or add “pins” of your work from your website.  Just be sure to get consent before posting any works that contain people, and be sure to add a watermark to your photos so they can not be duplicated or copied easily.


Pinterest, ever-growing and fast-evolving, is not limited to these industries.  Business with a creative flair, product-based businesses, or any business whose target market is women (which makes up 97 percent of users in America) should consider adding Pinterest to their marketing plan.  If you are nervous about treading into Pinterest territory, consider hiring a social media consultant, such as The Social Business, to help you navigate through this new media.


Happy Pinning!
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